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Mont Sainte Anne

Posted on 18 Feb, 2014 in Tourism | 2 comments

Forty-five minutes to the northeast of Québec City is Mont Sainte Anne, a world-class ski resort that will satisfy beginners and experts alike.

Its summit stands 2050 feet above the main chalet and approximately 2600 feet above the river valley below. What does this mean for you? It means that the skiing is great and that the scenery is even better. From the top, you can see Cap Tourmente, the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago, Orléans Island, the Appalachian Mountains, the Beaupré Coast and, of course, the majestic St. Lawrence River. Not bad for the price of a lift ticket!

Mont Sainte Anne has 69 different runs which yield a total of 44 miles of skiing. The longest run – Le Chemin du Roy – is 3.6 miles long. Best of all, there is a sugar shack halfway down the Pichard run, where you can restock your carbohydrates.


Mont Ste Anne2


Bring your own skis or hire some on site. If you do rent, ask for either of the Freds who work in the rental shop. They will set you up with good equipment, and they’ll do it with a smile.

And, there is always the possibility that you’ll see a moose. A word to the wise: ski around it if you do.




  1. Looks so beautiful there, what a place to ski. A 3.6 mile run sure beats Minnesota! That moose didn’t really seem to want to get away:)

  2. Hi Neil,

    If you like observing mooses, I recommand you to visit the Gaspesia Park, South of Ste-Anne-des-Monts, in Gaspesia of course, at the end of september, where you have a high level of probability to see them, and especially big males with enormous antlers. It’s really spectacular…. and there is no hunting in that Park, all year around.

    Denis Laberge

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