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Old City Architecture

Posted on 29 Sep, 2018 in Culture | 29 comments

Laval University was founded in the 1850s by the Seminary of Québec. And for a hundred years its students lived and studied in the Old City. By the 1950s, the university had grown too large for the buildings it occupied – too large for Old Québec, in fact. It was then that the university moved to then-distant Sainte Foy; it is still there today, on a sprawling campus that easily accommodates its 45,000+ students.

There is one school at Laval University, however, that decided to return to Old Québec: the Architecture School. They wanted their students surrounded by – inspired by – the architecture of Vieux Québec. Those students now occupy several wings of the Old City’s seminary complex.

On nice fall days, when school is back in session, you see them with their sketch pads, channeling the genius of the four centuries of architects whose work defines Old Québec.


  1. J’adore! Tellement intéressant!

  2. have always thought Quebec a very beautiful city. but then I love Canada wish I could live there.

  3. Neil,
    I really enjoyed your tour of old Quebec last week!
    So please talk about this architecture now! Style? Materials? Influence?

  4. Love your emails about Quebec.

  5. Love it. Thank you.

  6. Really enjoy your emails and the influence and perspective you give on Quebec and it surroundings

    It would be nice to move there for an extended stay

  7. So satisfying to know about this fact. I remember this street!!

  8. Thank you for this little but so interesting bubble of information.

    Well done Neil

    Thank you


  9. Neil, I always like the way you describe Quebec. I love it more each time. Thank you.

  10. Thanks

  11. Thank you. Always enjoy your emails

  12. As always, Neil, very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing and keep ´em coming!

  13. Liked our visit, your tours were the best we have been on.

    Will be visiting again next fall.

  14. Great to get updates and insights to Quebec.
    Hope you are well

  15. Thank you for this interesting tale of the university and the school of Architecture.

  16. J’adore!
    C’est tellement typique du Vieux-Québec de voir ces étudiants en architecture à l’oeuvre devant l’histoire qui les entoure.

  17. Always enjoy your commentary

  18. Enjoy your comments and observations and look forward to more.

  19. Thank you Neil. I always enjoy your post.

  20. Enjoyed your tour. I look forward to your tidbits regarding Quebec.

  21. How wonderful to have seen you again keep up the info and take care you have a beautiful and historical city in which to reside how fortunate you are

  22. I will return for i love this sacred place. The land, the water, the trees and creatures!
    The people i love. I will return.

  23. Love to be reminded of our visit to your beautiful city

  24. An most informative post. As always, I look forward to your posts.

  25. A great reminder of our visit to Quebec and your guidance.

  26. Thank you for giving us information regarding history of Quebec !!!

  27. Hi Neil,

    I studied at “Le Séminaire de Québec”, in these old white buildings, during 5 years and I really appreciated my experience. Thanks again.

  28. Oui c’est en effet très amusant d’imaginer dans le temps que le séminaire fonde l’UL et de constater de nos jours la faculté d’architecture de l’UL dans les locaux du Séminaire. C’est toujours un plaisir de partager ton approche merci

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