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Winter City par excellence!

Posted on 30 Nov, 2016 in Current | 18 comments

Dear readers, it is time to vote!!

As we ease into the winter season, Québec City finds itself in the running for yet another honor. It is one of twenty finalists in the USA Today competition to become North America’s Best Winter Wonderland. Up against large cities like Montréal, small towns like Aspen, Colorado, and vast tracts of land like Yellowstone National Park, la Vieille Capitale is well placed to walk away with the laurels. In fact, as far as I am concerned, there is no competition at all.

Unlike other cities that merely tolerate winter, Québec City embraces it. When the smell of snow is in the air, skis are waxed and the cold-weather wardrobe reappears as locals prepare for the panoply of winter activities available to them. There is the German Christmas Market that kicks off the season; warm pretzels and mulled wine set the tone for the months to come. There is Little Champlain Street that glows with holiday spirit, comforting all who walk its cobbles. Just outside of town, you will find the many sliding hills and ski resorts of the Laurentian Mountains, providing fun and relaxation for the whole family. There is also the winter carnival, the ice hotel, skating on the Plains of Abraham… The list goes on and on.

Go to USA Today today and vote to make official what those of us who live here already know to be true: Québec City is not just a winter wonderland, it is the Winter Wonderland!



  1. I agree with you more than 150%. So where do we vote. That is besides, dog sledding, snow mobile, hosre sleighing, winter quad (4X4) trailing, Maple syrup, etc…….

  2. i visited just last week end again the old city of quebec
    with the beautiful snow its a place to be

  3. Neil, My wife, Susan, and I (living near San Francisco, California) enjoyed our visit to Quebec on September 25, highlighted by your tour, and this post makes us want to return one of these years for the Holiday Season.

    Is the photo taken at the German Christmas Market?

    Regards, Sam Sperry

    • Indeed it is, Sam!

  4. Je vais voter tout de suite. Merci !

  5. Even if it has been 50+years that I left My heart still belong there …Home sweet home …always a pleasure to go back even in winter We always go back to be with family and friends for the Christmas Holidays and many times a year Love it all

  6. So lovely, so festive!! I’ll vote:)

  7. Quebec City is lovely anytime of year. Winter festival in St.Paul and Minneapolis is special too. Ted

  8. Looks like a perfect fantasy winter wonderland!

  9. I voted for your beautiful city! I’m glad, however, that St. Paul, Minnesota wasn’t on that list.

  10. It’s a beautiful city and want to visit again sometime. Perhaps not in the winter though.

  11. Très beau texte Neil! Ça donne envie d’enfiller ses bottes et partir à l’aventure! 🙂

  12. Very pretty, voted for this lovely city Quebec.

  13. Déjà voté ainsi que plusieurs amis guides du groupe 2015-2016.

  14. Voted! However, I’m now intrigued to visit many of the other destinations on the list! Thanks Neil!

  15. Hello Neil,

    Québec City is not only the Best Winter Destination in America, but the Best Destination in America FOR ALL SEASONS….except late November !!!

    With a bit of chauvinism,

    Denis Laberge

  16. The winning destinations,chosen by your vote, will be announced on Friday, December 9th. Till then cross your foot-fingers.
    Bravo encore une fois Neil, tu es un ambassadeur de choix. Passes toi et ta famille un magnifique hiver.Joyeuses Fêtes and many happy return.

  17. The summer beauty of Quebeck City was totally appreciated on our summer visit. The winter beauty as shown in the pictures is beautiful. Good luck on the contest.

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