Québec and moi:

Confessions of a Québec City tour guide

Neighborhood Names, Part I

In the spring of 1756, the port city of Brest, France, hosted a handful of senior French army officers: Lévis, Senezergues, Bougainville, Bourlamaque, Montcalm. They …
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Cheese matters

Have you heard the news? Last month, in Madison, Wisconsin, a panel of connoisseurs at the World Championship Cheese Contest awarded the prize for the best …
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Gone to the dogs

A couple of weeks ago, I took a group of students from the Maritimes dogsledding on Québec’s south shore. The weather was perfect: warm enough to keep …
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Bye bye, 2017!

The numbers for 2017 are coming in and we are discovering that it has been a banner year for Québec City. Tourists came by the …
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Krieghoff’s Québec

Cornelius Krieghoff lived a peripatetic existence. Born in Amsterdam in 1815, he spent his formative years all over Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, France. He studied …
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Bernini and Louis XIV

In the spring of 1665, Gian Lorenzo Bernini arrived in Paris having been summoned by the court of Louis XIV. The Louvre was to be …
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The Duke of Richmond

Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, was 53 when he came to Québec City and nearing the end of a career that, though prestigious, was remarkable …
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I walk across two battlefields every day on the way home from the Old City. As I walk west, I first cross the Plains of Abraham, …
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Winter City par excellence!

Dear readers, it is time to vote!! As we ease into the winter season, Québec City finds itself in the running for yet another honor. It …
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