Québec and moi:

Confessions of a Québec City tour guide

Les remparts

Québec City is the only city north of Mexico to have retained its city walls. Many cities in North America had walls. Montreal had a …
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Sweet Death

Maple syrup is serious business in Québec. In fact, it can be worth killing for. At least it is in the recently released crime novel, …
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Rolling in the Deep

The Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park is a maritime wildlife refuge three hours to the northeast of Québec City. 1200 square kilometers large, it harbors and …
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I am, by nature, a skeptic. So when I heard that Québec City intended to install giant, multi-colored lampshades along Avenue Cartier, I thought that …
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A thousand words

Being a Québec City tour guide might be the best job on the planet: I am paid to – among other things – point out …
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If you don’t know Aly Ndiaye, you should. Aly Ndiaye, alias Webster, is Québec City’s premier hip hop artist. His unique brand of thoughtful and thought-provoking …
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L’accent d’Amérique

The City of Québec recently unveiled a new slogan, one that will – they hope – efficiently sum up the special character of this capital …
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Pee Wee Hockey

A week ago Sunday, Québec City’s International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament wrapped up at the Pepsi Coliseum. This annual event brings thousands of 11 and …
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Tommy cod

Each year on the frozen St. Anne River, a city is reborn. It is a city of parks and plowed roads, electricity and brightly colored …
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