Québec and moi:

Confessions of a Québec City tour guide


I am, by nature, a skeptic. So when I heard that Québec City intended to install giant, multi-colored lampshades along Avenue Cartier, I thought that …
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A thousand words

Being a Québec City tour guide might be the best job on the planet: I am paid to – among other things – point out …
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If you don’t know Aly Ndiaye, you should. Aly Ndiaye, alias Webster, is Québec City’s premier hip hop artist. His unique brand of thoughtful and thought-provoking …
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L’accent d’Amérique

The City of Québec recently unveiled a new slogan, one that will – they hope – efficiently sum up the special character of this capital …
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Pee Wee Hockey

A week ago Sunday, Québec City’s International Pee Wee Hockey Tournament wrapped up at the Pepsi Coliseum. This annual event brings thousands of 11 and …
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Tommy cod

Each year on the frozen St. Anne River, a city is reborn. It is a city of parks and plowed roads, electricity and brightly colored …
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Luc Villeneuve has perspective. 360 degrees of it, in fact. Luc is a photographer who specializes in all sorts of full-sphere, interactive images. Interiors, exteriors – …
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Salt, olive oil, and Canadian cod

By the beginning of the sixteenth century, European fishermen were coming annually to the eastern shores of North America. They came in search of the cod …
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Tournebroche is a new restaurant on St. John’s Street that has captured a lot of attention since its opening this spring. It has been a …
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