Québec and moi:

Confessions of a Québec City tour guide

Ste Anne to the rescue

St. Anne, patroness to mariners, miners, cabinet makers, and pregnant women, can add one more group to her list of protégées. In one part of …
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A man flu???

In French-speaking Québec, even the common flu takes on a different accent, becoming contested ground in the battle between the sexes. When Quebecers start to …
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German Christmas Market

Sprechen sie deutsch? Do you speak German? Well, actually, speaking German is not mandatory at Québec City’s Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt; French will do just fine. Every winter, …
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What’s in a name?

For most of the 17th and 18th century, Québec City was the capital of a vast, new French empire. At its largest – around the …
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L’ancien bureau de poste

Situated at the top of Mountain Hill, l’ancien bureau de poste is an impressive building. My customers frequently ask: “Is it the Supreme Court building? …
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A scale model

At the turn of the nineteenth century, Québec City was the military heart of British North America, and tensions with the United States necessitated continued …
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Le Clocher Penché

Last Thursday, I had lunch at Le Clocher Penché. This restaurant is on the corner of St. Joseph-Est and Caron streets in Québec City’s St …
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The federation of milk producers for the province of Quebec has recently launched an advertising campaign to promote the great variety of excellent cheeses made …
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Food Tour

My favorite way to see a city is to eat my way through it. In restaurants, grocery stores, bars, and boutiques they sell the food …
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