The Tipping Point

For anyone who lives in the North, for anyone who knows long winters, there is a point in the middle of the month of February when thoughts of the warm season ahead of us start to feel justified and realistic. It is not that the weather has changed considerably in the previous days – the …

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Milk for Santa Claus

A couple of weeks ago, just in time for the holiday season, the association that represents the milk producers of the province of Québec came out with a hilarious commercial to promote its product. The stars of the 30-second ad are a pair of sincere and determined parents who use their limited English skills to …

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A Cabin in Winter

As the snow piles higher and the cold air conspires to keep it there, Quebecers head to their summer chalets for winter warmth. It might be a cottage by the icy and windswept St. Lawrence River; it might be a cabin by the lake; it might be a family farm with a kitchen and bunkhouse. …

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Old City Architecture

Laval University was founded in the 1850s by the Seminary of Québec. And for a hundred years its students lived and studied in the Old City. By the 1950s, the university had grown too large for the buildings it occupied – too large for Old Québec, in fact. It was then that the university moved …

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Culture City of the Year

And the winner is…Québec City, of course! Last month, at a ceremony in London, England, Québec City was crowned Culture City of the Year by the jury of the Leading Cultural Destinations Awards. Recognized for its fine museums and interpretive centers, Québec City beat out fellow finalists Los Angeles, California, and Lyon, France. There can …

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Sweet Summer

Here in Québec, where winter is nearly seven months long, you have to savor the fleeting sweet of summer. And Québecers certainly do. On that first occasion when the temperature hits 65°F – usually a day in mid-April – they emerge by the thousands for a drink in a sidewalk cafe. The snow is not entirely gone, …

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