The Augustines

When the first three Augustine nuns sailed up the St. Lawrence in 1639, Québec City was no more than a fur-trading post. There were a handful of rustic commercial buildings by the river and, up on the hill, a small fort, a chapel, and a scattering of isolated dwellings. Part of a religious community from …

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Mary Ann

Mary Ann was a slave who worked in her master’s house near Québec City’s Place Royale. In August of 1777, she left his house without permission and, presumably, fled the city forever. Where did she come from? How did she get there in the first place? There is really no way to know. In the …

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Krieghoff’s Québec

Cornelius Krieghoff lived a peripatetic existence. Born in Amsterdam in 1815, he spent his formative years all over Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy, France. He studied music and art, bathing in the currents of nineteenth-century romanticism. By the middle of the century, he had made his way to North America, first to the United States, then …

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The Duke of Richmond

Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond, was 53 when he came to Québec City and nearing the end of a career that, though prestigious, was remarkable for being…unremarkable. As a military man, he had attained the rank of general, but had authored no heroics. He was elected four times to the House of Commons, where he …

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From the Ashes

In 2008, a fire broke out at Québec City’s Drill Hall, known to locals as the Manège Militaire. As it burned overnight from the 4th to the 5th of April, Québecers turned out by the thousands to watch firefighters’ efforts to stem the inferno. The neighborhood was illuminated by the high flames and dark smoke …

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Day and Night

The mansion at number 575 Grande Allée captures attention day and night. In the light of day, you notice an eclectic combination of architectural features: on one side, a Tudor gable, with dark wooden timbers; on the other, a squat, conical tower, held up by Corinthian columns. The main entrance is sheltered by a recessed …

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