My Fearless Fifteen

Among the off-season contracts I accepted this year was a gig teaching English for adventure tourism and ecotourism. The Collège Mérici students who are taking the course are doing a one-year degree that prepares them to guide tourists in the great outdoors. They take classes in the arts and sciences necessary for braving the backcountry …

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Snow Wars

Québec City gets an average of 303.4 centimeters of snow every year. For those of you who think in feet and inches, that’s just a hair shy of 10 feet of snow. That’s a lot of snow. In 2008, a year that Québecers speak of with awe and anguish, Mother Nature provided 558 centimeters – …

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Old Québec is, not surprisingly, known for its old architecture. 411 years of existence have left us numerous varieties of vintage buildings that make a stroll through the streets a passage into the past. In fact, much of the Old City’s architecture was chosen in order to make the city look older than it was: …

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Luc Villeneuve has perspective. 360 degrees of it, in fact. Luc is a photographer who specializes in all sorts of full-sphere, interactive images. Interiors, exteriors – he documents anything that strikes his fancy, as long as it has a detailed story to tell. He thinks of his art as “painting with light,” a metaphor you’ll …

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It is quite possible that I have the best job in the world: Every day, I walk the streets of the most beautiful city in North America and I teach its history to interested vacationers. I also have the privilege of watching Québec City life unfold in real time from the front row. In the …

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A drink

We’ve got watering holes of all sorts in Quebec City: raucous and loud, quiet and contemplative. We’ve got a drink for every mood as well: coffee for mornings and a newspaper, cognac for evenings and a perfect meal.

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