Dashing through the Snow

As the sugar season approaches, many Quebecers turn their attention to the forests of the province and partake in the traditions that surround the creation of maple syrup. Among those traditions is a sleigh ride in the snow.

Last week, I had the pleasure of being part of a sleighing party that took us through woods and field, shadowing what one of my hosts boasted to be the most beautiful rural road in the province of Québec. We were in Bellechasse County, just to the southeast of Québec City, and the weather was perfect: warm enough to keep the revelers comfortable, cold enough for the runners to slide easily across the snow. Three horses pulled our three sleds uncomplainingly.


Sleighs in line


Tucked away in a grove of pine trees, our destination was a cozy cabin heated by a wood stove and brightened by the good humor of our hosts. Richard Dion, Bruno Roy, Mario Asselin, and Myriam Lemieux made the afternoon a delight for all. We felt as though the woods were ours…



3 thoughts on “Dashing through the Snow”

  1. It was such a great day. In plus of being the greatest side road of the Province of Quebec, as my husband always says. In which again that day has proven his saying, that early morning it was- 18 and while we were gliding along, it was about -3. How perfect can it get. An English guide in the person of Bruno for Fred and in great company for the rest of us. Thank you guys. It was a really nice experience as usual. You are the best.

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