Trois Ruisseaux to the west of Québec

One of things I love about living in Québec City is the proximity of the farms and forests that surround it. With only about 700,000 people living in the metropolitan area, the countryside is close for those who need it. And I am one of those who needs it.

When you combine this yen for the countryside with a daughter’s love for horses, there is only one place for you: Les Écuries des Trois Ruisseaux.

If you get on the 138, go past the airport, past the village of St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, you will find yourself on the sloping plateau that descends toward the St. Lawrence River. Here, within view of the Laurentian Mountains, Marie Arsenault runs a stable specializing in Canadian Warmbloods. These horses are the dominant breed in Olympic equestrian events, and they will do just fine as well for a ten-year-old who loves to post.




Les Écuries des Trois Ruisseaux offers English style horseback riding lessons for equestrians of all levels while insisting on an ethic of good care and respect for the horses themselves.

For dad, a trip to Les Trois Ruisseaux is an opportunity to walk down the dirt path toward the railroad tracks, taking in the smells of the countryside and looking for deer.

6 thoughts on “Trois Ruisseaux to the west of Québec”

  1. Hi Neil,
    That proximity to nature is one of the great things about this city. Have you also checked out the stables in and around Breakyville? There are quite a few places, especially on the back road to St Jean Chrysostome, on Route de l’eglise.

  2. Hi Neil ! I can’t believe it, that’s where I have my lessons every Sunday. It surprises me that you talk about les Écuries des Troix Ruisseaux in your website, but you are totally right : that’s a wonderful place ! Maybe one day I will see your daughter ? What’s her name ?
    Have a good day !
    (Please excuse my english if I made some mistake, I’m not an english speaker )

  3. I really understand what you mean. Wait till you get back in Bellechasse. Than and only than you will really understand the meaning of out in the country. Take care and see you soon.

  4. Very nice Neil to read your lines. My 43 year old son from Montréal came here last week with his wife and my great son. I am really enthusiastic watching you guys from the X generation doing better than I did specifically when time come « to demonstrate how to walk from the dirt path toward the railroad tracks ». I wish I had discovered an easy way to teach that to my son. I understand this time was not ready yet for the baby boomer I am and I have no regret. I am very happy though to fell that demonstration of love that enhances the self esteem of kids.


  5. I have to admit I’m learning to love the countryside here in Québec! It’s just so close and so peaceful!

  6. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for sharing this
    with me. I really find you have a way to exoress yourself. It is easy to understand why oeople love being around you..

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